• This mini-course consists of 6 workshop sessions.
  • In order for you to complete all sessions, you must use the prescribed kit given.
  • Each workshop session consists of 3 activities.
  • Additional notes and tips appear in blocks alongside each activity.

  • In each workshop activity, 1 and 2 are guided and activity 3 is for you to code and complete. Except for the Workshop session 1.
  • When starting a workshop session you must complete all three activities in that order and together. (Meaning you should NOT complete Activity 1 or Activity 2 and leave Activity 3 for the next day.) The reason for this is because the activities are designed with a gradual progression therefore to ensure you have a full understanding, a dedicated time slot should be scheduled to fully complete each workshop session. 
  • The activities are based on Arduino version 1.8.12 and Python version 3.8.
  • Connect and disconnect the Arduino board to the PC when instructed.
  • Handle all components with care, since they are fragile and sensitive (like sensors and motors). Mishandling will cause malfunction.
  • Do not connect any other foreign components that are not supplied with the kit.
  • Always give the Arduino microcontroller a few seconds to be detected by the PC before running any code. After clicking RUN be mindful that it will take a few seconds depending on how fast your PC is for the code to execute/run.